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After meeting at Leeds University in 2007, we’ve been best friends and travel-obsessed ever since. We always wanted to see the world, but just as important to us, was seeing it together. After 5 years, we’d saved up enough money and quit our jobs in Fashion (Sarah) and Marketing (Charlotte), struck down by now-or-never-fever! We left the UK in January 2013, aged 23, on a one way flight to Bangkok and have been all over the place since then.

We rarely make plans and tend to book flights spontaneously, generally deciding upon our next destination when we feel as though we’re ready to move on (it definitely keeps things interesting!).Β We’re TEFL qualified and want to teach where possible, even if some quick tuition is in exchange for a night’s accommodation.20130316-183759.jpg We’re doing everything on a budget; the more conscientious we are with money, the longer we can keep going – seeing as much of the world as possible is our ultimate aim. Our blog is the tale of our highs and lows, our discoveries and opinions, whilst hopefully providing a few tips and entertainment for fellow backpackers and intrigued readers back home. So far there’s no looking back.

Thanks for visiting,

Charlotte & Sarah x

We would LOVE to hear from you. If you have any questions, queries, or want to share similar travel experiences, please email: twoonewayflights@gmail.com


81 thoughts on “About Us

  1. Hi Sarah and Charlotte! Thanks for the follow. πŸ™‚ That is so brave to quit your jobs to travel, but i am sure it is well worth it. I browsed really quickly at snippets of your posts. Love what I am seeing, will have to come back later when I can read in peace. πŸ™‚ Thanks for sharing your travels with us! Happy trekking and stay safe!


  2. Some say brave, others say crazy! But we can definitely confirm that it’s all worth it. So glad you like the look of our posts – your ‘About Us’ has to be the best we’ve ever read! What an incredible journey so far, looking forward to following and being kept up to date. C & S x


  3. You two are so adorable!! I met my best friends British Lulu & Sarah traveling around the world in 1986 –in Tahiti, New Zealand and Australia — and they remind me so much of you! We are still great friends… even after going to Africa together on an ill-construed journey in 1989 — so see? You have no idea what amazing things will come to you from this great adventure!! I wish you all happy things!!!


  4. We were in Southeast Asia (Bali, Singapore, Bangkok and Hong Kong) for only three weeks which is obviously not long enough, and found the experience most incredible. I wish the best for you two in this fantastic journey.


  5. Great stuff ladies! Keep going and inspiring others to do the same. Currently I am saving for my RTW trip and watching others successfully do it before me keeps me motivated! Best of luck πŸ™‚


    • Wow there’s some awesome blogs on the list, thank you so much for including ours among them! We love your blog too, especially your post on venturing into the Cambodian wilderness – you’ve inspired us to wander off the beaten track when we visit in July!


  6. Hmm, I’m really glad you found my blog so I could in turn find yours….but I think your blog is going to make me green with envy and give me very itchy feet. Still can’t wait to live vicariously through your travels!


  7. Hi Charlotte and Sarah, really awesome you guys get to travel around SEA for such a long time. I’m aspired to do so one day too! Thanks for following and I look forward to your adventures in your blog.

    P.s do let me know if I can be of any help if you guys are traveling to Singapore (:



  8. Hi lovely ladies, thanks for following my blog! Have been reading your posts about Thailand, what a great place it is! Keep up the fantastic work πŸ™‚ x Maddie


  9. Hi you two
    What an adventure you’re on! Us too. There’s nothing quite like being nomadic. I see you’re planning to stay a while in BKK at the moment. Will you try to work there?
    Thanks for visiting our blog, and for following. I hope you enjoy our journeys, both inner and outer.
    Have fun!


  10. hey guys your adventure sounds amazeballs! nomadic lifestyles are starting to really take over my mind and future plans! thanks so much for looking into Travelling Peas and following as well. best of luck xx πŸ™‚


  11. I just stopped by to say thanks for following my blog, but got caught up reading through your posts and remembering my time in the places you have been. I particularly liked seeing Patuxai in Vientiane in the sunshine, as it was pouring with rain the day I was there and I almost didn’t recognise the arch from your photos! SEA is an amazing part of the world and I’m sure you will love Australia too, although I haven’t been to Perth.


    • Wow thank you – yes it turned in to quite a trip as opposed to the standard visa run. Australia… what an incredible and varied country! Thank you for your comment, off to explore your posts now too πŸ™‚ C & S x


  12. Hi Ladies! Lovely blog, and you only live once! You are doing what so many of us wish we could be doing. I’m inspired and wish you luck and joy as well as safe travels. Thanks for sharing the journey πŸ™‚


  13. Hey!

    I’ve been reading your blog posts and your adventures are so cool. Funnily enough I went to Uni of Leeds too (2002-2006). Obviously something about it makes you want to leave the country!

    Have fun, be safe and all the best.


  14. Good work on the blog- keep it up! I really enjoyed reading through many of your posts (can’t wait to read more!) πŸ™‚ It’s one of the nicest travel blogs I’ve stumbled upon!

    After backpacking for the first time in January I keep thinking about leaving for my next trip..it’s a month away, until then I’ll feed my wanderlust with travel blogs! πŸ™‚

    Safe travels!


    • Thank you so much- that’s so nice to hear! We absolutely love your blog too, your posts about the Thai Islands make us want to be back there!! Live the Koh Lanta pics (although not too sure about that Peacock hostel dorm haha!) Keep up he great work:) C&S x


      • Thank you! It’s nice to know that somebody actually reads my blog πŸ˜› I would go back straight away if I could! Hahaha I guess the peacock hostel picture looks way worse than it actually was (especially after staying in a very very simple dorm in phi phi – it was like a ***** hotel to me!:P)


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