Looking to extend your visa? We’ve done it plenty of times now, here’s the essential rundown:

Thailand is a huge and exciting country, and any backpacker who plans to visit will very quickly realise that their planned length of stay is just not enough! Before leaving England, we purchased a 60 day tourist visa, thinking that that would be sufficient to see all the southern islands and Bangkok, before moving on to Cambodia. However, we hadn’t counted on Bangkok’s bustling and chaotic charm seducing us to the point of wanting to live here for a few months!

For those with expiring visas, there are two options to make sure you can stay longer. Firstly, you could take a day or two ‘running’ to another country to cross the border and back again, and steal yourself another few days. However, the easier, and usually cheaper, option is to visit an Immigration office, and apply for a visa extension.


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After previously extending our tourist visas, it was approaching the time for me to leave Thailand and reenter on an official working visa (Sarah had been back to England for a wedding and so had solved her visa problems). Having been told that the easiest place to do this was at the Thai Embassy in Laos, I met up with my friend Ben who was in a similar situation for the much hassled visa run. The plan: get in, get out, and spend as little money as possible. Of course, things don’t always go as planned.


The Arc de Triomphe of Vientiane: Patuxai Arch

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