It’s a little street in Melbourne that’s so easy to miss – and yet golden to find. In a country so large, yet with a relatively┬ávery small population, it’s always exciting to find somewhere genuinely busy! The restaurants are of course overpriced, but for a fancy breakfast or exquisite coffee, take a seat at one of the many tables lining the centre of the road. Continue reading



Melbourne has got to be the trendiest city in Australia. There’s a constantly buzzing atmosphere – from the 7am outdoor bootcamps to the trendy coffee shops and open-mic nights. It’s exceedingly cosmopolitan but with a quirkiness that makes it far more interesting than your average urban jungle. One of our favourite elements of the city was the constant soundtrack; there was music everywhere. You have to squeeze through the compact audiences to get a good view of the street performers, whilst we thought it was particularly impressive to discover pianos scattered across the cities – free to use by confident passers-by (though this didn’t work quite as well when overexcited toddlers deigned to give it a go).

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