Travelling from Mexico on three different planes did very little to stop us jumping in the car and going out to explore Vancouver the second we arrived. We had researched attractions and saw that Capilano Suspension Bridge Park gave some of the most impressive and classically ‘Canadian’ views around.

The park consists of the 230ft high bridge crossing, a treetop adventure (probably better suited to small children than us wobbling along) and a chance to step out over the void on the transparent edge walkway – just a little frightening! Back across the bridge there is an excellent cliff walk that can satisfy those who want something a little more solid beneath their feet, but still want the photogenic views.

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We found Casa de los Suenos hotel and bar completely by accident – fairly hidden at the south end of the island, it is a little gem worth seeking out. The bar backs onto the calm waters between Isla Mujeres and Cancun, and a dock down at water level provides visitors with the use of kayaks and snorkels.

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The Pool Girl Panini - BBQ chicken, peppers, onions and mozzarella

The Pool Girl Panini – BBQ chicken, peppers, onions and mozzarella

Though there are numerous great places to eat a hearty midday meal on Isla Mujeres, Barlito in particular stand out for us. It has a glowing reputation as the prime spot for freshly home-baked bread, super friendly staff and beautiful views.

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As Isla Mujeres is only 7km long, there is little need for cars and golf buggies are without a doubt the easiest and most fun way for visitors to bound around.


It should cost around 550 Mexican pesos for 24 hours, but there are loads of places offering them so don’t be afraid to bargain.

Don’t forget, the laws of the road still apply – don’t drink and drive! We’ve seen several arrests and a couple of quite nasty accidents so be careful.

*Lecture complete*

Charlotte & Sarah x


In Bangkok we had an infinite supply of swimming pool access and desperately craved a visit to the beach. In Isla Mujeres, surrounded by the most beautiful coastline we’d ever laid eyes on, we missed swimming our regular lengths and wanted somewhere to swim where we wouldn’t be bowled over by humongous waves!


Whilst not advertised as a public pool and belonging to Puerto Isla Mujeres Resort and Yacht Club, after asking the security staff we established that as long as you made use of the bar and restaurant, anyone is welcome. That could certainly be arranged…


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The area of Caribbean Sea surrounding Isla Mujeres is protected as a national park and is arguably the most clear, turquoise-tinted water in the world. Travellers come from all over the world to venture below the surface and gain their diving qualifications. Continue reading


The southern tip of Isla Mujeres is the most easterly point of Mexico, meaning those who rise early enough to catch dawn can be the first in the country to see the sun that day! Watching the sun rise along the horizon across the Caribbean Sea managed to turn our grumpy 5.30am frowns upside down.


Punta Sur is also worth a look; you can pay to access to the very bottom of the island, including the sculpture park and viewpoint. The sculptures, although bright and fun, are not the main attraction – visitors mostly come for the views of the bright sea and reefs, to watch the huge iguanas basking in the sun, and to hear the waves crash against the south headland.


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Whilst tootling around the west side of Isla Mujeres on our hired golf cart, we noticed some signposts bearing illustrations of turtles, leading to a small island-size sea life centre tucked away from the main drag. A cheap 30 pesos (£1.50) allowed us to feed the turtles, learn the names of different varieties, and hold a range of sea creatures in the indoor aquarium section. Continue reading


Mango cafe is somewhat famous upon the island amongst tourists and locals alike. Whilst most visitors make a beeline for the town, make time to venture away from the main tourist streets towars the south of the island – you’ll not only stumble upon some more interesting sights and eateries, but you’ll locate this gem which serves the best (that’s right, we said it) breakfasts in the world.

mango cafe isla mujeres

The cafe specialises in favourite breakfast meals but with a carribean twist; this small 20-seat cafe has food so tasty you won’t be able to limit yourself to just the one visit.

french toast mango cafe isla mujeres

coconut french toast with almonds and maple syrup


eggs benedict with croissant, portobello mushrooms, bacon, cheese hash browns and curried hollandaise sauce

Unsurprisingly it is currently rated number 2 on Tripadvisor. We recommend ordering the breakfast quesadillas for egg and bacon lovers, or the large and fluffy hot cakes for a sweet tooth. Not a place for those on a diet, each meal is huge and stuffed full of mouth watering ingredients. And don’t forget to try every flavour of juice – yes even the hibiscous and tamarind! Continue reading


We made it to Mexico. Three days had passed (and we’d done Wednesday twice), we’d spent 35 hours in the air, had been to three continents and missed one flight – but we were here! And it is beautiful.


Once again we found ourselves in the all-too familiar predicament of being jobless and homeless. We decided we wanted to live on Isla Mujeres and with Tate arriving for a two week holiday the following day, we were in rather a tiz trying to work out where to turn.

We secured a temporary residence for a few days, then the three of us rented one of Isla Mujeres’ very popular golf buggies to bound around the island looking for ‘se renta’ signs. Continue reading