We stayed in Phuket only one night, sadly unmoved by Patong. We saw too many bright lights, McDonald’s signs and overcrowded beaches of boozed up tourists. We did, however, meet some incredible Thai people. This is something that we’re finding is easy to do as they’re some of the kindest, friendliest people we’ve ever come across. We chatted with some ladyboys who were more than happy to point us in the right direction for food, whilst Bee, a young Thai woman who worked at our hostel, chatted with us for a few hours, helping us to improve our pronunciation of the limited Thai vocabulary we know, and giving an insight on the islands and where’s best to visit.

We’d heard that Koh Phi Phi had become very developed in recent years and that most areas were noisy and crowded. Whilst we were we keen to spend some time in Phi Phi town, we were after somewhere more remote initially. Further round the coast, Rantee beach certainly didn’t disappoint. The secluded beach was a haven, with little more the than scuttling of crabs and soft ocean waves disturbing the silence…

Sunrise on Rantee beach… Continue reading


After two days in the capital, the Southern islands were calling with their promise of picture perfect palm trees and wooden huts ten feet from the sea.

We researched the ways of getting to Phuket and quickly ruled out the flights as too expensive. This left us with two options: get an overnight 14 hour coach all the way through to Phuket, or get the 12 hour sleeper train to Surat Thani and then the short 2 hour bus ride. We had heard horror stories about the coach, and the thought of sitting upright for that long with rucksacks wedged in the aisles was daunting. Having never been on a sleeper train before we found ourselves falling for the romance and novelty!

Hua Lom Phong, Bangkok Train Station

Hua Lom Phong, Bangkok Train Station

Our hostel in Bangkok was really helpful and our train tickets were delivered to us within the hour. There was no availability in the cheapest beds in the fan carriages, so we chose two fold down upper bunks in an air conditioned carriage, priced at a reasonable 800 baht (£16) each. (These are cheaper than the wider bottom bunks with windows.) Catching our 6pm train was really straightforward, it was clearly listed and sign-posted in the station. Continue reading