Our final morning in Koh Lanta has arrived and Krabi is the next stop. We’re pretty sad to wave the island farewell as it’s refreshingly authentic compared to places like Phuket and Phi Phi. There are still hoards of tourists and resorts, but there’s more of a hippy vibe here that you can’t help but get on board with.

Surprisingly out of character, we were two hours early for our ferry to the mainland so we had the chance to briefly explore what Saladan had to offer. Firstly, by walking only 200 metres down the street, we were able to shave 130 baht off our boat ticket prices. That alone has just bought our tasty brunch 5 minutes round the corner from the pier.

Absolute haven amongst the island madness

An absolute chill-out haven

We browsed a few cafes┬ábut settled on Sincere Guest House & Restaurant. An indication that it’s a great place were the piles of flip flops outside, always a helpful clue… Continue reading


Charlotte’s birthday fell whilst we were staying on the beautiful island of Koh Lanta. We’d made friends with a fun-loving American in our previous hostel and he arranged a surprise party that evening, bringing over some friends from Koh Phi Phi for the celebrations. In spite of the fact that we got lost in the Thai wilderness in our party finery, we eventually made it and had a spectacular night. Cocktails and chilled out music whilst lying in the sand was a great way to mark the occasion!

There are definitely worse places in the world to turn 24…


The Birthday Girl on Klong Dao beach, Koh Lanta

Happy Birthday, Charlotte!

Sarah x