Mango cafe is somewhat famous upon the island amongst tourists and locals alike. Whilst most visitors make a beeline for the town, make time to venture away from the main tourist streets towars the south of the island – you’ll not only stumble upon some more interesting sights and eateries, but you’ll locate this gem which serves the best (that’s right, we said it) breakfasts in the world.

mango cafe isla mujeres

The cafe specialises in favourite breakfast meals but with a carribean twist; this small 20-seat cafe has food so tasty you won’t be able to limit yourself to just the one visit.

french toast mango cafe isla mujeres

coconut french toast with almonds and maple syrup


eggs benedict with croissant, portobello mushrooms, bacon, cheese hash browns and curried hollandaise sauce

Unsurprisingly it is currently rated number 2 on Tripadvisor. We recommend ordering the breakfast quesadillas for egg and bacon lovers, or the large and fluffy hot cakes for a sweet tooth. Not a place for those on a diet, each meal is huge and stuffed full of mouth watering ingredients. And don’t forget to try every flavour of juice – yes even the hibiscous and tamarind! Continue reading



It’s a little street in Melbourne that’s so easy to miss – and yet golden to find. In a country so large, yet with a relatively very small population, it’s always exciting to find somewhere genuinely busy! The restaurants are of course overpriced, but for a fancy breakfast or exquisite coffee, take a seat at one of the many tables lining the centre of the road. Continue reading


As travellers who frequently find themselves lost with no idea how this came to be, we can speak with absolute certainty that some of the best finds come about this way. Although we can’t give specific directions to Chillout (Hanoi), we can advise a Google search or a wander of your own – these were the best smoothies we had in the whole of Asia and the bohemian vibe of the cafe made us feel ultra arty and cool in the process (a rare treat!).

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We stumbled accross Café Kantary ice cream parlour and bakery after a tasty Thai meal in Khao Lak. Purely for the good of the blog, we were forced to return the next day for photographic evidence, and of course had to try a variety of treats. Kantary have a few cafés across Thailand, so if you ever stroll by one, it’s worth dropping in.

Stylish on the outside, tasty on the inside...

Stylish on the outside, tasty on the inside…


Cookies’n’Cream Frappé & Strawberry Italian Soda

ice cream

Yoghurt & Blueberry Ice Cream

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