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9th of February was an exciting day – not only was it Charlotte’s birthday, but we had returned to Perth and Charlotte’s mum and stepdad were flying in┬áto celebrate with us. Continue reading


Ho Ho Ho!

We couldn’t have been more excited for our first Christmas away from home; we were in Sydney, it was a break from tradition, and it was a chance to finally have spectacular weather on Christmas Day.

It of course rained.



We had arrived in our hotel at 1am the night before, tired from traveling for days in our campervan, but this didn’t stop Charlotte from waking early and going on a hunt for some Champagne bright and early! Will and I slept in late, enjoying finally having large cosy beds rather than sharing Alvin’s wooden slats. The hotel staff were slightly concerned about Charlotte wondering around the hotel by herself in her pyjamas, and questioned her over the location of her parents.

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