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Australia has got to be one of the most outstanding countries you can visit, but due to the cost of living and its location in the world, as budget travellers we were somewhat struggling to leave, especially as we wanted to head towards Central America. Finally with enough money saved, we were ready to say g’day to down under! Continue reading


As travellers who frequently find themselves lost with no idea how this came to be, we can speak with absolute certainty that some of the best finds come about this way. Although we can’t give specific directions to Chillout (Hanoi), we can advise a Google search or a wander of your own – these were the best smoothies we had in the whole of Asia and the bohemian vibe of the cafe made us feel ultra arty and cool in the process (a rare treat!).

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It is impossible to walk around Thailand without passing many gorgeous statues of what appear to be miniature temples, adorned with strings of colourful flowers and surrounded by offerings such as food and incense. Many Thais believe that when a new building is constructed, the ground beneath is disturbed and that this disrupts the spirits that live within that earth. Therefore, a ‘spirit house’ is put up next to the new building to provide the spirits with a brand spanking new home.


Legend has it that the spirits might take to haunting the new home unless they are rehoused and kept happy. The spirit houses are very ornate and raised to head height on decorative platforms and are often incredibly beautiful.

The Thai’s have huge respect for these spirits. People bring offerings of food, drinks, incense and flowers to appease those living in the house, and many hoot their horns or bow their heads in acknowledgement as they pass.

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