Granted, we do not live in the heart of Mexico. There are plenty of tourists, we are forewarned of the spiciness of the food and we have certainly never witnessed any of the dangers that we were pre-warned of. But, we have met Mexicans who are from all over the country, learned conversational Spanish and have not only tasted all the local cuisines, but learned to cook them. We’ve embraced life on Isla Mujeres and here’s our favourite things about it:

1. The mariachi bands that play through the tiny streets attracting hoards of people


2. Waking up to Mexican music turned up so loud that the walls vibrate. Beats the standard alarm and definitely wake you up in a better mood

3. After driving Alvin across Australia, to us these golf buggies are the equivalent of Porsches

4. If you’re looking for paradise… (even the occasional rain looks beautiful here)


5. The total norm of beer, margarita and tequila consumption, whatever the hour.
*Restaurant scene…*
Customer: “A glass of water please.”
Waiter: “Would you like mineral water, sparking water, or Mexican water?”
Customer: “Water from the tap??”
Waiter: Presents a can of Corona.

6. Being banana-shaped is just the norm. Shopping for our own hammock felt like a Mexican right-of-passage


7. ‘Mexican time’ – a term we learned from our Mexican friends. Seemingly a bit like Thai time, though instead of just consistently late, the arrival time may sometimes be several hours early or well into the night. Set date is approximate.

8. The food and the battle of the salsas. Not only is the food every bit as good as you dream it will be, living here allows time to work up the salsa scale. Most dishes are offered with a choice of three salsas/side dishes: Not spicy, a little spicy and extremely picante – we haven’t managed the third one yet without tears, sweats and rolling on the floor


9. The people: kind, extremely generous, neighbourly, fiery – and know how to party!

10. Siestas & fiestas – maybe we should rename our blog?

Hasta luego amigos,

Charlotte & Sarah x


  1. Yes, yes, yes. Beautiful post about beautiful place/people/food/traditions. I agree 100% and loved this window onto your escapades, and not just the food part, which is my favorite. Thanks for this valentine to a magical place. A few years back (maybe decades) the Mexican national tourism authority had a campaign in glossy American food magazines, with wonderful, gorgeous photos of people, food, places around the country, under the tag line, “Feel the warmth of Mexico”. I thought that was right on target, truth well told, not hype.


    • So nice to meet like minded people:) It’s truly hard to convey the beauty of the place to people who haven’t visited before, but we hope our post at least gives a small insight! Thank you for your kind comment, C&S x


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