The area of Caribbean Sea surrounding Isla Mujeres is protected as a national park and is arguably the most clear, turquoise-tinted water in the world. Travellers come from all over the world to venture below the surface and gain their diving qualifications.

We could make out some of the larger fish just by looking from the shore, but booked a snorkelling tour to see the underwater museum and abundant barracudas!


Our tour guide was fantastic, and our only qualm was that it was necessary to swim between two snorkelling points – this would have been fine, except that the current was so severely strong that with waves over our heads the majority of the group were forced to hold on to a rubber ring pulled by the struggling guide. Whilst there were only around 7 or 8 people snorkelling with our particular company, there were several groups out there with other guides in the same locations.

A highlight has to be the barracuda that swam right past our fingertips! Next stop was the underwater museum – you can get a really good view just from snorkelling but to get the full experience we would recommend diving.


At lunchtime everyone is taken to a small coastal restaurant, and served delicious fresh fish and pasta. Here you have the opportunity to visit the turtle farm, which we had already visited, or swim with a whale shark, but we were rather content with just our buffet.


Charlotte & Sarah x


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