We made it to Mexico. Three days had passed (and we’d done Wednesday twice), we’d spent 35 hours in the air, had been to three continents and missed one flight – but we were here! And it is beautiful.


Once again we found ourselves in the all-too familiar predicament of being jobless and homeless. We decided we wanted to live on Isla Mujeres and with Tate arriving for a two week holiday the following day, we were in rather a tiz trying to work out where to turn.

We secured a temporary residence for a few days, then the three of us rented one of Isla Mujeres’ very popular golf buggies to bound around the island looking for ‘se renta’ signs.

We saw somewhat of a range – some with holes where walls should be (though reasonable priced) through to overpriced but rather luxurious holliday apartments. Just before we were due to turn in the buggie, Tate spotted a minute sign in downtown Isla – the most popular part of the island. We immediately knew it was the place for us – especially being positioned right on the beach. After some excessive haggling in (poor) Spanish, we managed to barter down for a reasonable price, all bills included. For an apartment like ours in downtown, you can expect to pay somewhere between $500 and $600 a month:



Charlotte & Sarah x


    • Hi there, completely furnished, though we supplied our own hammock! We were supplied with great wifi too so the price seemed fair, especially considering how much more expensive Isla is than the rest of Mexico. Thanks so much for commenting, C & S x


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