Australia Zoo is considered to be one of the best in the world. Having originally started out as a crocodile park where Steve Irwin (from as young as 5 years old) and his father would take rescued crocodiles, it is now home to Australia’s traditional, exotic and impressive animals. There is also an Africa branch to the zoo where we were lucky enough to see the first tiger cubs born in the zoo for 43 years. TOO CUTE. The staff adore the animals and the ones that we spoke to had worked there a long time, falling completely in love with their jobs and four-legged colleagues. The entire place is also testament to the Irwin family’s incredible achievements and contribution to wildlife conservation.








We had two highlights: koala bears are the cutest animals we have ever seen. Think of your favourite teddy, then imagine it being alive and sleepy and swinging clumsily in a tree. Yes, that’s koalas. Secondly, the crocodile show – even the staff were breaking a sweat. Watching feeding time was quite intense; the crocodiles appear from under the water so quickly and the brave man whose job it was to feed them accidentally threw the chicken carcas too far, missing the crocodile’s mouth… twice. The staff had to make a run for it until a third and, thankfully, on-target chicken was thrown into that open jaw.







Charlotte & Sarah x

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