So picture the scene: we made it to Sydney in old Alvin, enduring soaring temperatures, travelling through ghost towns, powered across the obscenely remote Nullabor, and we’re finally here… now what?

We were lucky enough to have a hotel for Christmas but that did in fact make moving the three of us back into the van for the next five days leading up to NYE seem slightly traumatic. And as anyone who has visited Syndey around this time will know, we were not the only backpackers in pursuit of the perfect (free) parking spot.

However, during our daily entrapment by Sydney’s one-way system and seeming refusal to allow any right turns, we spotted an entire street filled with campervans…


We had stumbled upon Wentworth Park Road, the backpacker hotspot of Sydney. The road has free parking, is next to a large park with a public BBQ and has a public toilet and shower block which is cleaned daily.

We were sure that with such a blatant display of street living by so many vans, that we were not doing anything illegal, but we were however quick on our guard when the police arrived one night. False alarm – it seemed these police officers had stepped right off the set of movie Superbad. They chatted to us, asked where we were from, recommended local hotspots and just mentioned that we keep the noise down a bit. We asked if it was legal to sleep in your vehicle and drink alcohol in your van. They said they reckon so and told us to have a g’day.

The down side is that during the day, vehicles are only permitted to park there for two hours at a time. The traffic wardens however are pretty easy going so long as every two hours you move your van about a metre further up the road, it’s fine. They draw chalk on the wheels (watch out for that all over Aus) and they are satisfied so long as the chalk mark has gone and the wheels have evidently moved. Yep, it was that easy.

Be respectful to the residents in terms of noise and litter, and watch out for the daytime parking restrictions. Otherwise, welcome to your new address!

Charlotte & Sarah x

P.S. If this area is too crowded or not to your taste, Glebe and the parks in that area are great around New Years too.

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