Tate came to visit us from England for three weeks, spending two weeks in Bangkok and a week in Koh Samui, having the best time. We asked Tate to choose one of the main highlights of his trip to write about and he decided on the Muay Thai he watched. It’s a massive part of Thai culture and brilliant entertainment…

When I booked my ticket for three weeks in Thailand, the first thing on my list was eating as much Thai food as I could and the second was to watch some Muay Thai – so when Charlotte and Sarah told me about MBK Fight Night I felt like quite a few Christmases had come at once. This Muay Thai showcase is held every Wednesday at 6pm right outside MBK. It’s free, next to the National Stadium stop on the BTS, and attracts a lot of attention from tourists, travellers and Thai natives alike.


What’s so good about MBK Fight Night is that it caters to tourists who might want to check out a bit of Thai Boxing, with an English speaking commentator who runs through everything in painstaking detail to give you a great experience of Muay Thai. They also take the time to explain some of their customs: the ritual dance the fighters take part in before each match called “Wai Khru Ram Muay”, is used to show respect to the teachers and trainers.


MBK fight night attracts a real variety of fighters, not only from all around the world (we saw fighters from Thailand, Singapore, Japan, China, Spain, Scotland and the USA) but also fighters of different ages and we found ourselves very much in awe of the talent and skill that the younger fighters showed stepping into the ring (though Charlotte was a bit worried they would hurt each other). The teenage girls were some of the most enthusiastic (and brutal) fighters we saw!

The whole event is a real spectacle, though I would suggest you get there a bit early to bag the best standing position at ringside, alternatively use the BTS walkways above the ring to get an aerial view of all the action! There are always six to eight bouts on show, and the whole event usually lasts around two hours, dependent of course on how many rounds each fight lasts.


Currently MBK Fight Night is in its off season due to the rain season, but will be returning later on in the year. It’s free, you might as well!

Still keeping posted via their Facebook page for nice action replays,


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