The most modern and popular areas of ‘new Bangkok’ are accessible by the skytrain (BTS). This floating train network is a really simple and comfortable way to travel, with long trains and some serious air conditioning! Also a great alternative to swinging off the back of a motorcycle in a haze of fumes, if you want to get somewhere quickly. It’s one of the few places in Bangkok where you won’t catch a whiff of food – strictly no eating or drinking. It’s refreshingly cool, clean and crisp (except for rush hour and the inevitable face to armpit stampede).


Trains run every few minutes from 6am to midnight, and connect Chatuchak, Silom, Siam and some of the river ports, making it fast and easy to get from place to place.


Prices range from 15 baht to 40 baht, depending on how far you wish to go, but we quickly invested in ‘Rabbit’ passes, allowing us to ‘hop’ on and off quickly and cheaply. As frequent users we selected the option which allows us to take 50 trips nearly anywhere on the skytrain for 1000 baht. If you’re familiar with the London Underground, the Rabbit Pass resembles the Oyster Card and is brilliant for quickly making your way through the stations.


With the unrelenting traffic, immense heat, and overcrowded pavements, the skytrain is absolutely the best way to travel around Bangkok.

Frequent hoppers,

Charlotte & Sarah x

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