Now, to say that we have failed in our role as budget backpackers is a gross miscarriage of justice – we’ve slept with bedbugs, we’ve couchsurfed where possible, and we’ve frequently held our evening meal at the local supermarket feasting on every free sample available. Yet, last night, after reading of an offer in BK magazine, we ventured to the St Regis Hotel, specifically to their 12th floor Decanter restaurant…

Their ‘free flow’ evening offered unlimited red, white and rosé wine and some beautiful prosecco, along with an unending cheese board, bread basket and meat platter. In a country where all the cheese and wine is imported, at just 665 baht a head, this was a bargain (a small block of cheese costs about 200 baht and a bottle of average wine 500 baht).


We were initially intimidated by the luxurious setting, especially having first stumbled into a Japanese wedding on the wrong floor. However we were soon relaxing in our throne-esque chairs, enjoying the sunset.

We had tunnel vision for the stunning buffet and within seconds were offered an extensive menu to select our wine of choice. Whilst we could easily have mixed and matched, we loyally stuck to the prosecco, and in conversation with the knowledgeable waitress, tried to pretend we knew something about wine (other than how to drink it).


Yes it’s posh, but it’s not pretentious. Some people had their laptops out, some were drunkenly giggling, others were cramming their plates as high as possible, and we were scribbling blog posts on the back of lesson plans.

It’s a real treat and a fantastic way to spend a night. Just remember to call ahead and book a table in advance, and that VAT and service charges total an extra 200 baht.


Charlotte & Sarah x

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