If ever there’s been an occasion where we’ve had a slight wobble with the budget, our evening at the Sky Bar was it. At 700 baht a pop, more than two nights’ accommodation at our current hostel, the cocktails were an indulgence with every pleasurable sip. Corinne was due to leave us a couple of days later and this provided the perfect excuse to have a wash and mingle with the rich and famous.


The bar was featured in the Hangover 2 film, and with views over the Chao Phraya River and the twinkling sky scrapers, it exceeded all expectations oozing unparalleled glamour. Up on the 63rd floor, the glowing dome roof of the hotel was the backset to a mood-setting band.


Bangkok’s latest It-girls,

Charlotte & Sarah x

3 thoughts on “LEBUA SKY BAR, BANGKOK

    • Yeah handing over 700 baht did hurt quite a lot, but the cocktail afterwards was very soothing for the pain! So worth a visit though, the view is incredible. If we can ever bring ourselves to spend that again, we’ll definitely go for sunset, would be unbelievable. Thanks, C & S x


  1. More pics of you girls partying with the posh guest of Lebua.. anyway the price would be too steep for me to go to as it wont justify even if the drinks are so good.. I prefer a Guinness anytime of the day… TO ARTHUR !


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