*WARNING: this post contains graphic imagery that some audiences may find disturbing!*

When your really good friend comes all the way to Thailand to visit you, your main aim is to show them the time of their life, not end up with them in the hospital. Incredibly, when Corinne had an allergic reaction to her mosquito bites, she somehow managed to laugh about it, still visiting every tourist attraction and partying up to drunkenly boarding the plane at Bangkok airport. Before heading to the hospital we spent some time googling what on earth was wrong and found very little help or advice on what we should actually do. Allergic reactions to mosquito bites are not uncommon and if you ever need a doctor in Bangkok, Corinne is proof that it’s not something to be scared about…

Due to a combination of alcohol consumption, weak insect repellent and hours spent chatting on a beach in Koh Phi Phi, I managed to accumulate over 100 mosquito bites on my legs. Insect bites are irritating and unsightly for all who are unfortunate enough to get bitten, but in my case I found that I am quite allergic to mosquito bites – so much so that my feet swelled to 3 times their original size. I was cankles galore! And the bites did not look too good either.


Mistakenly we decided to discover a bit of Bangkok the following day (after a 12 hour coach ride from Koh Phi Phi) and seeing as my bites did not itch I was very up for this. We had an amazing day but my advice would be to seek medical help ASAP. Although my bites weren’t life threatening they did need to be dealt with. Plus my pig trotter feet weren’t going down any time soon!

So around 11pm we ventured to Bangkok Adventist Hospital for a consultation. After a quick tuk tuk ride and a short wait I was seen, diagnosed and dispensed with 4 different kinds of anti-histamines. All for under £20! Plus I got a fun new name – I think my handwriting is a little hard to read!


So don’t be apprehensive about seeking medical advice, more often than not it is quick, easy and cheap, as well as world class.

Corinne Kemp (aka Connie Ronp) x

We are delighted to report that Corinne has made a full recovery and her legs have returned to their original beauty.


  1. Whoa… that is a LOT of mosquito bites. I tend to be pretty allergic to mosquito bites too… just the generic kind back home in the US. I don’t know what these Thai mosquitos will do to me while I’m here!


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