Firstly, just to confirm, there are no tigers at Tiger Cave. This was a common misconception. There is however, a stunning temple, a huge golden Buddha at the top of the mountain and caves that tigers once inhabited.

20130221-004104.jpg Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Sua), Krabi

We were given bracelets which had been blessed by a female monk, along with a golden foil leaf that we were to write our names on and hang from the tree, to bring us good luck.

Hanging our lucky gold leaves

Hanging our lucky gold leaves

We’d heard a lot of tourists moaning about the climb to the view point. After climbing the stairs to the top of the temple, we weren’t sure why people were being such babies, it wasn’t that high at all. It did offer an amazing panoramic view however, and was decorated with beautiful bells.

What a belle!

What a belle!

With the sinking feeling that we were missing something, we wandered around the grounds. And we were indeed! We’d missed the 1237 steps to the top of a mountain where there was a huge golden Buddha to behold.

The climb was a tough one, and was slightly panic-inducing when, exhausted, we discovered the markers at just 320 steps in. At times the steps were so high and narrow that we had to crawl up them, whilst hiding our water from the thieving fingers of the wild monkeys.

Steps 684 to 712

Steps 684 to 712

We finally made it to the top, with a massive sense of accomplishment and an epic view of the limestone cliffs. We could barely make out the temple we’d climbed an hour before! It was greatly peaceful at the top and is regarded as a sacred place. Visitors were silent and removed their shoes, whilst Buddhists made their offerings to the enormous Buddha statue.

The giant Budda of the mountain

The giant Budda of the mountain

With shaky legs we clamoured back down to earth (hold on to the railings!), ready for our bike ride home and some ice cold water.

Yours culturally,

Charlotte and Sarah x


  1. Have just been looking through all your posts…looks like you are having a fabulous time.. am green with envy as at the moment every time we leave the house we have to put our full snow gear on! been between 0 and 2 degrees for nearly a week! looking forward to reading more of your adventures love from Zebbie, alan and boys x x


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