Is this the most famous backpacking street of all time? Yes, and unsurprisingly, it’s madness. The only thing outnumbering the street food stands, clubs, offers of sex shows, market stalls, crazy low drink offers, shisha bars, scooters and tattoo parlours are the number of backpackers. Khao San road has been developed to suit the apparent wants of tourists and is surely not a true reflection of the ‘real’ Thailand. However, it’s fun, it’s worth a visit and it’s definitely an experience we’ll remember. Walking down it for the first time we couldn’t help but smile goofily at each other and have out first taste of Pad Thai (it was so delicious and cost 30 baht, around 60p).


After making friends with some Canadians at our hostel, we ventured down Khao San Road and embarked upon a risky dare game after spotting a stand of insects, being sold as novelty snacks. The only way to see our friends eat a fried scorpion, was if I ate a seemingly crispy maggot. This was a problem, as we did really want to see them eat the scorpion. A couple of Changs inside me (the local beer), I agreed. It was bad, is spite of the soy sauce. Fortunately, they kept their word and after watching our friend crunch on a scorpion for a good long while, it appeared I’d got off lightly.


Charlotte x

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